Jason Keatseangsilp

Private Tutor | University of Arizona Tutor

Services: Methods


*With covid-19 amidst right now, all sessions will be online until further notice*



The most effective, common, and preferred form of tutoring. Meeting locations for in-person tutoring could be my home, libraries, or U of A campus. Arrangement for location will be made upon making the appointment.

Standing appointments are welcome. These are appointments where the student and I meet at a fixed time with a fixed frequency. For example, standing appointment could be once a week on Mondays at 4:00PM. As a UA SALT Center tutor, I typically have 4-6 students with standing appointments per semester. Strongly recommended for students who are highly motivated and looking to maximize their success.


At request, a session of one subject can be shared by multiple students, such as siblings, friends, or other classmates at a reduced rate per student.


Conducted through Zoom. I will be writing on my iPad Pro with an Apple pencil. Alternative option for students who may have more limited time, have difficulty meeting in person, health reasons, or live outside of Tucson.